The bodygraph, also known as the Human Design chart

Take the first step on your transformative Human Design journey by creating your own Bodygraph - your unique energetic blueprint.

Start the journey of self-discovery and alignment with your true nature. Create your BodyGraph now and unlock the keys to a more authentic, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

About Bodygraph

The bodygraph, or Human Design chart, is calculated using two sets of data: the natal or Personality calculation and the pre-natal or Design calculation. The natal calculation is based on the moment of birth, while the pre-natal calculation is based on a time approximately 88 days prior to birth. These calculations take into account the energies of the planets and the hexagrams they occupy at the time of birth. The bodygraph is a visual representation of this unique energy configuration, providing valuable information about a person's strategy, function, learning style, purpose, energy management, drives, and spiritual path. It also reveals strengths and challenges. Each piece of the chart offers a different perspective, creating a deep understanding of oneself. The bodygraph is a perfect reflection of an individual's "operating system", and through Human Design, we can unlock the wealth of information it holds to support personal growth and transformation.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions. This section is tailored to assist both those new to Human Design and individuals who already know about the Bodygraph. You may be also interested in free Human Design course

What will I get? Do I need to pay?
It's completely free. You'll receive the Bodygraph and also a personalized interactive Human Design collection tailored to your Bodygraph. Beyond viewing your Bodygraph, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of its significance and practical Human Design guidance for your life.
I don't know my exact time of birth. What to do ?
To create a Bodygraph without a known birth time, use 12:00 PM (noon) as a starting point. Then, shift the time by a couple of hours in both directions to see if the Bodygraph changes. If it remains consistent, it's likely accurate. However, be aware that without the exact birth time, some specific details might not be precise.
Why do I need place of birth ?
The place of birth is essential for calculating your Bodygraph because it determines the timezone and affects the positions of the planets. This, in turn, influences the specific details of your Bodygraph in Human Design.
I don't see my city in the place finder. How should I proceed?
If you're unable to locate your city in the place finder, please select the nearest available location.