Lines in Human Design

In the Human Design system, the Lines represent specific ways we engage with the world. They form part of our Profile and provide more insight into our roles and behaviors. There are six Lines in total, each with its unique energy and theme:

  1. 1st Line - The Investigator: This Line is about foundation, introspection, and knowledge. Investigators have a need for security and are always seeking to learn more to build a solid foundation.
  2. 2nd Line - The Hermit: This Line is about natural talent, calling, and the need for solitude. Hermits often need alone time to recharge and can be drawn out by others to share their talents.
  3. 3rd Line - The Martyr: This Line is about learning through trial and error and adaptation. Martyrs are resilient, experimental, and learn from their experiences.
  4. 4th Line - The Opportunist: This Line is about networks, influence, and opportunities. Opportunists rely on their network and personal relationships.
  5. 5th Line - The Heretic: This Line is about practicality, universalizing, and being of service to others. Heretics often feel a calling to make a practical impact on the world.
  6. 6th Line - The Role Model: This Line is about authority, observation, and eventually becoming a role model. Role Models go through three distinct life phases: a period of trial and error, a period of rest and observation, and finally stepping into a role model position.

Understanding your Lines can provide valuable insight into your purpose, how you interact with the world, and how you best learn and grow. It's a guide to understanding the roles you're here to play in life.