Definitions in Human Design

Single Definition: In a single definition, all of the defined (colored-in) centers in the body-graph are connected to each other. This indicates a certain level of self-sufficiency and independence, as individuals with this type of definition tend to process information and make decisions in a consistent, reliable manner without needing input or interaction from others. They are intrinsically whole and their energy flows smoothly and consistently within them.

Split Definition: This occurs when there are two groups of defined centers in the body-graph that aren't connected to each other. There is a gap or "split" between them, hence the term "split definition". These individuals often feel a need for others to bridge the gap between their defined areas, serving as a sort of conduit for their energy. This can create a dynamic where they may feel dependent on certain people or conditions to feel whole or to make decisions.

Triple Split Definition: People with a triple split definition have three separate areas of definition in their body-graph, meaning there are three distinct areas where the centers are defined but aren't connected to each other. This can result in a need for variety and change, as different people or environments can activate different parts of their definition. They may have difficulty sticking to one thing or one person for long periods of time, as they need different experiences to fully engage all parts of their design.

Quadruple Split Definition: In the rare case of a quadruple split definition, there are four separate areas of definition in the body-graph. These individuals need a significant amount of alone time to integrate their experiences, as they have four distinct areas of their design operating independently. They can often find relationships challenging, as it's difficult for one person or situation to bridge all four areas of their definition.