The Juxtaposition Cross of Self-Expression


The Juxtaposition Cross of Self-Expression is a unique incarnation cross in the Human Design system. This cross is characterized by its powerful energy of self-expression and individualism. As someone with this cross, you are here to be different, to do your own thing, and to express yourself in ways that are uniquely yours.

Your self-expression is not just about you, it's also about the impact you have on the world around you. Your unique perspective and individual expression can inspire others, sparking new ideas and encouraging adaptation and growth. However, it's important to understand that individualism is not always adaptive. Your self-expression might not resonate with everyone and may even drive some people away. This is simply the nature of the energy of this cross and it's not personal.

Key Themes

Individualism and Self-Expression

The primary theme of the Juxtaposition Cross of Self-Expression is individualism. You are not here to blend in or conform to societal norms. Instead, you are here to express your unique self and to do your own thing. This might mean pursuing a unique career path, expressing yourself through art or music, or simply living your life in a way that feels authentic to you.

Impact on Others

Your self-expression has the potential to impact others in profound ways. When you express your individuality, others can look on and adapt to the new ideas that resonate with them. This can lead to innovation, growth, and change in your community and beyond.

Acceptance of Differences

While your individual expression can inspire and influence others, it's also important to understand that not everyone will resonate with your unique perspective. Some people might be driven away by your individualism. This is not a reflection of your worth or value, but simply a part of the energy of this cross.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I express my individuality in my daily life?
  2. What are the unique ideas or perspectives that I bring to the table?
  3. How does my self-expression impact those around me?
  4. How do I handle situations when others do not resonate with my individual expression?
  5. How can I continue to express myself authentically, even when faced with resistance?


  • I am unique and I honor my individuality.
  • My self-expression is a gift to the world.
  • I am not here to blend in, but to stand out and make a difference.
  • I understand that not everyone will resonate with my self-expression, and that's okay.
  • I am confident in who I am and I will continue to express myself authentically.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Your Individuality: Celebrate your uniqueness and express yourself authentically. Don't be afraid to stand out or do things differently.
  2. Share Your Ideas: Use your unique perspective to inspire and influence others. Share your ideas and insights with the world.
  3. Accept Differences: Understand that not everyone will resonate with your self-expression. Accept this as part of the journey and don't take it personally.
  4. Stay True to Yourself: Even when faced with resistance, continue to be true to yourself. Don't compromise your individuality to fit in.
  5. Practice Self-Love: Recognize your worth and value. Practice self-love and self-acceptance, regardless of how others respond to your self-expression.

The Juxtaposition Cross of Self-Expression is a powerful and unique incarnation cross. By embracing your individuality and expressing yourself authentically, you can make a significant impact on the world around you. Remember, your self-expression is a gift - don't be afraid to share it with the world.