The 36 Channels and 64 Gates in Human Design

In the Human Design system, the nine Centers are interconnected by Channels, and within these Channels lie the Gates. These elements form the circuitry of the BodyGraph, providing a more granular insight into our attributes and how our energy flows.


Channels are the pathways that connect two Centers. Each Channel is composed of two Gates – one at each end. The presence of a Channel indicates a fixed and reliable trait within us, something that is consistently operational.

There are 36 Channels in total, and each one represents a unique archetype of human experience. The Channels are grouped into three categories based on their function:

  1. Manifesting Channels link a motor Center to the Throat Center, providing the energy to communicate and make things happen.
  2. Generating Channels connect a motor Center to a non-motor Center, generating life force and energy.
  3. Projecting Channels do not involve any motor Centers but help us process, guide, and project information.


The Gates are the specific energies within the Channels. There are 64 Gates in total, mirroring the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. Each Gate represents a specific aspect of human life, such as love, leadership, creativity, etc.

Gates within a defined Channel in your chart are considered "activated," and they impact your behavior and characteristics. If only one Gate of a Channel is activated, it indicates a potential that can be brought to life when connected with another person's activated Gate on the other end of the Channel.

Now, let's take a brief look at how Channels and Gates work together in practice.

Channels and Gates at Work

For example, the Channel of Awakening (20-10) connects the Throat Center to the G (Self) Center. This is a Manifesting Channel, implying the ability to express one's identity. The Gate 20 (Gate of the Now) is about the ability to stay present, while Gate 10 (Gate of Behavior) is about love of self. When this Channel is defined in a chart, it indicates a person who can consistently express their identity with self-love and presence.

As another example, consider the Channel of Recognition (61-24), a Projecting Channel that connects the Head Center to the Mind Center. This Channel is about bringing mental pressure to understand life's mysteries. Gate 61 (Gate of Inner Truth) is about the pressure to know the unknown, and Gate 24 (Gate of Rationalization) is about the process of understanding and making sense of experiences. When this Channel is defined, it suggests a person who is consistently driven to understand and make sense of life's mysteries.

The Impact of Channels and Gates

Understanding the Channels and Gates in your Human Design chart can provide a deeper layer of insight into your unique traits, tendencies, and potentials. It can reveal how you interact with the world, how you process experiences, and where your strengths lie.

Remember, though, that this is just one piece of the puzzle. The Channels and Gates do not operate in isolation but as part of the whole BodyGraph. Each element of the chart – the Centers, the Channels, the Gates, the Types, the Authorities, and the Profiles – all work together to form the full picture of your Human Design.

In the next section, we will delve into the topic of Profiles and Lines, further detailing the ways we engage with the world. As our journey through Human Design continues, we hope you find greater understanding and acceptance of your unique self. Stay tuned for more insights and discoveries.