The Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love 2 is a unique incarnation cross in Human Design, embodying the essence of love in its many forms. As an individual born under this Cross, you are inherently designed to channel and spread love, acting as a conduit for this powerful energy. Your purpose is to guide others towards a state of love, not just for themselves and others, but also for humanity as a whole.

The four gates of your Cross are all connected to the G/Identity Center, which represents your identity and direction in life. This connection signifies a deep alignment with your soul, further amplifying the love energy that you carry. The four energies that make up this Cross are love of spirit, love of the flesh, love of the self, and love of humanity. These energies guide your interactions with the world, shaping your actions and decisions, and influencing the way you relate to others.

Key Themes

Love of Spirit

This energy is about recognizing and honoring the divine in all things. It's about seeing the spiritual essence that exists within everyone and everything, and expressing love for that essence. This love of spirit drives you to seek deeper connections and meaningful interactions.

Love of the Flesh

This energy represents a deep appreciation for the physical world and the human body. It's about loving and accepting our physical selves, and recognizing the beauty and wonder of our existence in this physical plane.

Love of the Self

This energy is about self-love and self-acceptance. It's about recognizing your worth and value, and treating yourself with kindness and compassion. This love of self is crucial for personal growth and self-development.

Love of Humanity

This energy is about having a deep love and compassion for all of humanity. It's about recognizing our shared humanity, and working towards a world where everyone is treated with love and respect.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How am I expressing my love of spirit in my daily life?
  2. How am I honoring and appreciating my physical self?
  3. How am I practicing self-love and self-acceptance?
  4. How am I expressing my love for humanity?
  5. How can I better channel the energies of my Cross to spread love in my community?


  1. I am a vessel of love, channeling this powerful energy in all that I do.
  2. I honor and appreciate the divine essence within all things.
  3. I love and accept my physical self, recognizing the beauty of my existence in this physical plane.
  4. I practice self-love and self-acceptance, recognizing my worth and value.
  5. I have a deep love and compassion for all of humanity, and I strive to treat everyone with love and respect.

Action Steps

  1. Practice mindfulness to connect with your love of spirit. This could involve meditation, prayer, or simply taking a moment each day to appreciate the divine essence within all things.
  2. Show love for your physical self through self-care activities. This could include healthy eating, regular exercise, and taking time to rest and rejuvenate.
  3. Cultivate self-love and self-acceptance through positive self-talk and self-affirmations.
  4. Show your love for humanity through acts of kindness and compassion. This could involve volunteering, donating to charity, or simply treating others with kindness and respect.
  5. Use the energies of your Cross to guide your actions and decisions. Remember that you are a vessel of love, and strive to spread this love in all that you do.