Human Design Emotional Authority

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Discover the power of your emotions with Human Design Emotional Authority, a fascinating concept that helps you make decisions aligned with your true self. By understanding how your emotions work, you can tap into your intuition and navigate life with confidence and authenticity. So, dive into this enlightening journey and unlock the secrets of your emotional authority!

Human Design Emotional Authority

When it comes to Human Design, the concept of Emotional Authority is an important aspect to understand. Emotional Authority is present when the Solar Plexus center is defined in a person's chart, regardless of any other definition. This means that individuals with emotional authority are best served when they make decisions based on how those decisions make them feel.

The Solar Plexus center is a motor with emotional energy that pulses in waves. Therefore, decisions are best made after a period of time spent riding the emotional wave to gain clarity. It's important to note that clarity may not necessarily mean 100% certainty, but rather the absence of an emotional charge attached to the decision. The key factor here is time, as the amount of time needed for clarity will vary from person to person and situation to situation. For example, before I left my last 9-5 job, I waited for about 3 months to achieve emotional clarity.

One common challenge that emotionally defined individuals face is making decisions on the high or low of their emotional wave, falling into the trap of being spontaneous. As their emotional wave stabilizes and clarity emerges, they may come to regret the decisions made. This is due to the wave mechanics of the Solar Plexus center, with its shifting moods and energy. Spontaneous decisions made by emotionally defined individuals may be driven by hope or fear about how things will turn out, and as such, they may paint a misleading picture that cannot be fully relied upon.

To mitigate this, it is recommended for emotionally defined individuals to at least sleep on a decision before making it. Society often places an expectation on us to respond quickly, make decisions right away, and not keep others waiting. However, it's important to recognize that half of the people in the world are designed to wait. Half of us are designed to take our time to feel out our decisions before making them. Clarity, for emotionally defined individuals, is when something feels right. It is a peaceful, calm knowing feeling in our bodies.

In conclusion, understanding and honoring our Emotional Authority is crucial for making decisions that align with our true selves. By allowing ourselves the time and space to ride the emotional wave and achieve clarity, we can make decisions that are more authentic and in alignment with our emotional well-being.


Human Design Emotional Authority is a fascinating aspect of our human design that plays a crucial role in how we make decisions and navigate our lives. It is a unique authority that is determined by the presence of an emotional center in our design. This emotional center influences our decision-making process and shapes our overall emotional experience.

Why It Matters

Understanding and embracing our Human Design Emotional Authority can have a profound impact on our lives. It allows us to tap into our authentic emotional responses and make decisions that are aligned with our true selves. By honoring our emotional authority, we can avoid making impulsive or irrational choices driven by fleeting emotions.

When we listen to our emotional authority, we gain clarity and insight into what truly resonates with us. It helps us differentiate between passing emotional waves and genuine emotional responses that hold deeper significance. By acknowledging and processing our emotions, we can make decisions that are in alignment with our long-term well-being and fulfillment.


While Human Design Emotional Authority offers immense benefits, it also presents its own set of challenges. One of the primary challenges is learning to navigate the waves of emotions that arise within us. Emotions can be intense and overwhelming at times, making it difficult to discern the underlying truth behind them.

Another challenge is the potential for emotional conditioning. Society, upbringing, and past experiences can shape our emotional responses and influence our decision-making process. It is important to recognize and unravel any conditioning that may cloud our emotional authority, allowing us to make decisions based on our authentic emotional experiences.

Additionally, patience is key when it comes to honoring our emotional authority. Emotional clarity often requires time and reflection. Rushing into decisions without allowing ourselves to fully process our emotions can lead to regret or dissatisfaction.

In conclusion, Human Design Emotional Authority is a powerful tool for self-discovery and decision-making. By embracing our emotional center and learning to navigate our emotions, we can make choices that align with our true selves and lead to a more fulfilling life. While it may present challenges, the rewards of honoring our emotional authority are well worth the effort.


Communicate your need for time before making a decision. You may say something like:
"Let me sleep on it and get back to you."
"Sounds interesting, let me take some time and I'll let you know."

Respect other people's need for time - bake in additional time before you need a decision so there isn't the pressure of urgency, wherever possible.

Be wary of flash sales and pressurized time commitment situations. These situations can often lead to impulsive decisions that may not align with your true emotional clarity. Take a step back, evaluate the situation, and give yourself the time you need to make a well-informed choice.

Take time to observe your emotional wave mechanics. Understanding your emotional wave is crucial in making decisions that are in alignment with your true self. By observing and analyzing your emotional patterns, you can gain insight into how your emotions influence your decision-making process.

With time, you'll come to master it and know how to wait for your emotional clarity to emerge. Patience is key when it comes to making decisions based on your emotional authority. Allow yourself the time and space to fully process your emotions before committing to a decision. This will ensure that you are making choices that are in alignment with your authentic self.