Human Design Splenic Authority

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Discover the fascinating world of Human Design Splenic Authority, a unique approach to understanding our intuition and decision-making process. Explore how this authority centers around our spleen, an organ that holds ancient wisdom and guides us towards making choices that align with our true selves. Uncover the power of listening to our body's signals and instincts, and learn how to tap into this innate wisdom to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Human Design Splenic Authority

Human Design Splenic Authority is a unique decision-making process that relies on the intuitive messages of the Spleen. This authority emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment and making spontaneous decisions based on the immediate truth that the Spleen communicates.

Unlike other decision-making authorities, the Splenic Authority does not require deep analysis or contemplation. Instead, it relies on the instantaneous messages that the Spleen sends. These messages are often subtle and require individuals with this authority to pay deep attention to their body's signals.

The Splenic Authority operates on a lightning-fast pace, making decisions in the moment without giving the mind much time to catch up. This can sometimes lead to a feeling of rashness, but it is important to trust this intuitive process. The Spleen knows what it knows, and it is essential to listen to its guidance.

Trusting the Splenic Authority can be impressive once individuals learn to rely on it. It is not impatient or rash; it simply knows what is right for the individual. Some people describe the intuition associated with this authority as speaking only once, and if one fails to pay attention, the message is lost. Others say that it knocks three times to confirm its truth. Regardless, connecting with the body and staying in tune with its messages is crucial.

One aspect to be aware of with the Splenic Authority is that it is solely concerned with the present moment. As conditions change, the direction provided by the Spleen can also change. This means that individuals with this authority need to remain adaptable and open to new information. The ability to pivot and adjust decisions based on changing circumstances is essential for those with Splenic Authority.

In conclusion, the Splenic Authority is a spontaneous decision-making process that relies on the intuitive messages of the Spleen. It emphasizes living in the present moment and making quick decisions based on the immediate truth communicated by the Spleen. Trusting this authority and staying connected with the body's messages is crucial for making the best decisions. Additionally, remaining adaptable and open to change is important as the direction provided by the Spleen can shift with changing circumstances.


The Human Design Splenic Authority is a fascinating aspect of the Human Design system that provides individuals with a unique way of making decisions. It is one of the several authorities in Human Design, and it is associated with the spleen center, which is responsible for our intuition and survival instincts.

Why It Matters

Understanding and embracing your Splenic Authority can have a profound impact on your decision-making process and overall well-being. This authority operates in the present moment, relying on your body's intuitive responses to guide you towards the right choices. By listening to your body's signals, you can tap into a deep wisdom that goes beyond logical reasoning.

The Splenic Authority is particularly important for those who have it as their primary decision-making authority. These individuals are designed to trust their gut instincts and follow their intuition. They have a heightened awareness of their surroundings and can sense potential dangers or opportunities that others may overlook.

By honoring their Splenic Authority, individuals can make decisions that are aligned with their true nature and avoid unnecessary risks. This authority helps them navigate through life with a sense of clarity and confidence, as they rely on their inner knowing to guide them.


While the Splenic Authority can be a powerful tool, it also presents some challenges. One of the main difficulties is learning to distinguish between fear-based responses and true intuitive guidance. Sometimes, the spleen center can generate fear or anxiety as a way to protect us from potential harm. It is crucial to develop the ability to discern whether the fear is a genuine warning or simply a product of our conditioning.

Another challenge is the pressure to make quick decisions. The Splenic Authority operates in the present moment, and it often requires immediate action. This can be challenging in a world that values careful analysis and planning. Individuals with Splenic Authority may struggle with the need to make decisions on the spot, especially when others around them prefer a more deliberative approach.

Additionally, the Splenic Authority may not always provide clear-cut answers. It can offer subtle signals or intuitive nudges that require interpretation. Learning to trust these subtle cues and decipher their meaning can take time and practice.

In conclusion, the Human Design Splenic Authority is a valuable tool for decision-making that taps into our intuition and survival instincts. By embracing this authority, individuals can make choices that are in alignment with their true nature and navigate through life with confidence. However, it is essential to navigate the challenges associated with this authority, such as discerning between fear and intuition and making quick decisions. With practice and self-awareness, individuals can harness the power of their Splenic Authority and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.


Stick to Your Guns: Trust Your Spleen's Authority

For you and 11% of the population, your Human Design Splenic Authority is a powerful tool that guides your decision-making process. While it may seem rash or impatient to others, it is important to know that this is what feels right for you.

When faced with a decision, listen to your spleen and trust the instantaneous response it provides. To solidify this decision, consider writing it down and sharing it in a time-appropriate manner. This will not only help you navigate through life but also reinforce your trust in your own intuition.

It's important to remember that the spleen not only recognizes what is wrong but also what is right. Each person's experience of the spleen's messages may differ, as it is a unique and personal connection. Embrace this individuality and trust in the wisdom that your spleen imparts.

By sticking to your guns and honoring your spleen's authority, you are embracing your true self and aligning with your authentic path. Embrace the power of your spleen and let it guide you towards a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.