The Spleen Center in Human Design

The Spleen Center holds a unique place within the Human Design system, serving as a crucial point of intuitive and survival instincts.


Located on the left side of the BodyGraph, the Spleen Center is associated with health, well-being, intuition, and instinctual recognition of what is safe or not. It is the oldest awareness center, representing primal survival instincts and immediate intuition.


The Spleen Center, when understood and utilized properly, provides instantaneous intuition, a strong sense of health and well-being, and an instinctive ability to recognize what is healthy or unhealthy. Those with a defined Spleen often possess a strong instinctual sense that operates in the now, guiding them towards healthy choices and away from potential danger.


The main challenges with the Spleen Center involve the recognition and trust of its instantaneous intuition. The spleenic voice is often subtle and speaks only once, which may be easily overlooked in today's fast-paced, noisy world. For those with an undefined Spleen, understanding when health or survival issues are genuinely theirs or are amplified from others can be a challenge.

Impact of Defined Spleen Center

If your Spleen Center is defined (colored in), it means you have a consistent and reliable intuitive and survival instinct. You likely have a strong sense of what's healthy or not for you, and you have a consistent access to immediate intuition. However, it's important to learn to recognize and trust this spleenic voice, as it often speaks subtly and only once.

Impact of Undefined Spleen Center

An undefined (white) Spleen Center implies that you do not have consistent access to this instinctual and intuitive energy. You may struggle with recognizing what's healthy for you or not, and you might hold onto things, situations, or people longer than necessary for fear of survival. Learning to distinguish your actual health or survival concerns from the amplified ones you pick up from others is an important life lesson.

Additional Considerations

Understanding the Spleen Center in your Human Design can offer key insights into your health, well-being, and intuition. Whether you have a defined or undefined Spleen, understanding this center's dynamics can assist you in making healthier decisions, trusting your intuition, and navigating the world more securely.

Remember, the Spleen Center is about immediate intuition and survival instincts. It's a journey of learning to trust and respect these instincts, whether they are consistently present or come in sporadic insights. Trusting and following your spleenic voice can lead to greater health, well-being, and wisdom.