The Solar Plexus Center in Human Design

The Solar Plexus Center is a key component of the Human Design System, playing a central role in our emotional lives and experiences.


Situated on the right side of the BodyGraph, the Solar Plexus Center is considered the center of emotions, feelings, and desires in Human Design. It is associated with emotional energy, which moves in waves and has a powerful impact on our life experience.


The Solar Plexus Center, when understood and managed correctly, provides profound emotional intelligence and sensitivity. Those with a defined Solar Plexus have a consistent emotional wave, which can be a rich source of wisdom and intuition, particularly regarding the emotional states of others. This center is also the potential source of creativity, passion, and personal empowerment.


The main challenge with the Solar Plexus Center lies in understanding and navigating its wave-like emotional energy. These waves can lead to periods of emotional highs and lows, which can be disconcerting if not properly understood. Additionally, societal pressure to always be in a "good" mood can make it challenging for those with this center defined, as they naturally experience a full spectrum of emotions.

Impact of Defined Solar Plexus Center

If your Solar Plexus Center is defined (colored in), it means you have a consistent and reliable way of processing emotional energy. You experience life in a wave-like rhythm of emotional highs and lows. However, this doesn't mean you're overly emotional; instead, it indicates that you have a rich emotional inner life and a potential for deep emotional wisdom. It's important to remember that it's healthy and normal for your emotional state to change and vary.

Impact of Undefined Solar Plexus Center

An undefined (white) Solar Plexus Center means you do not generate your own emotional energy consistently, but you absorb and amplify the emotional energy of others. This can make you highly empathetic and attuned to others' emotional states, but it can also lead to confusion about what emotions are yours and which ones belong to others. It's important to learn not to take on others' emotions as your own and to understand that you're experiencing amplified emotional energy.

Additional Considerations

Understanding your Solar Plexus Center in Human Design is key to navigating your emotional world. It's a fundamental part of your design and can offer significant insights into how you process emotions and relate to others.

Remember, emotional energy is not a bad thing, despite societal messages to the contrary. Embrace your emotional wave if you have one, or learn to navigate the amplified emotional energy of others if your Solar Plexus Center is undefined. It's a journey of emotional discovery, and understanding your design can support emotional health and well-being.