The Ego (Heart) Center in Human Design

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The Ego (Heart) Center in Human Design

The Ego/Heart Center is a pivotal component of the Human Design system, responsible for willpower, ego, and self-worth.


Situated at the center of the BodyGraph, the Ego/Heart Center is linked to willpower, value, worthiness, and material resources. It is the center from which we derive our sense of self-worth and the drive to prove ourselves, often in the material world.


The gifts of the Ego/Heart Center include the ability to make promises and keep them, a strong sense of self-worth, and the capacity to exert willpower towards goals. Individuals with a defined Ego/Heart Center may have a consistent access to willpower and self-esteem, and the capacity to prove themselves and their worth.


The challenges of the Ego/Heart Center involve ego-driven actions and self-worth issues. Those with a defined Ego/Heart Center may struggle with overcommitment, trying to prove their worth by making promises that they cannot keep. Those with an undefined Ego/Heart Center may struggle with inconsistent self-esteem and feeling driven to prove their worth to others.

Impact of Defined Ego/Heart Center

If your Ego/Heart Center is defined (colored in), it indicates that you have a consistent and reliable access to willpower, self-esteem, and the ability to prove your worth. However, it's vital to ensure that your actions and promises are not driven by ego or a need to prove your worth, but instead align with your authentic self.

Impact of Undefined Ego/Heart Center

An undefined (white) Ego/Heart Center implies that your sense of self-worth, willpower, and ability to make promises are not consistent. Instead, you may amplify or reflect these energies from others, potentially leading you to overcommit or struggle with self-esteem. It's crucial to remember your worth is inherent and not defined by others or material success.

Additional Considerations

Understanding the Ego/Heart Center in your Human Design can offer valuable insights into your sense of self-worth, ego, and willpower. Whether you have a defined or undefined Ego/Heart Center, recognizing the dynamics of this center can help guide you in managing your ego, proving your worth effectively, and wielding your willpower wisely.

Remember, the Ego/Heart Center is about willpower and self-worth. It's a journey of learning to balance ego, validate your inherent worth, and utilize willpower effectively. Understanding and honoring your unique design can lead to healthier self-esteem, balanced ego, and constructive use of willpower.

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