Human Design 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness - A Design of a Jack of all Trades

In short

The 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness in Human Design represents individuals who are versatile and adaptable, capable of excelling in various fields. They possess a natural curiosity and love for learning, making them the ultimate "Jack of all Trades."

Human Design 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness - A Design of a Jack of all Trades

The Channel of Transitoriness, also known as the 36-35 Channel, is an energy that embodies the essence of a jack of all trades. Individuals with this channel defined are constantly seeking new experiences to combat restlessness or boredom. This channel is driven by the emotional solar plexus center, specifically through the gate of crisis, which propels them to enter into experiences that defy logic's caution and restrictive patterns. The primary goal is to feel and know for oneself, rather than relying solely on logical reasoning.

As part of the collective sensing circuitry, the 36-35 Channel is a manifesting channel, meaning it contains a motor to throat connection. This allows individuals with this channel defined to express and manifest based on their needs and desires. However, it is important to note that since the solar plexus center is defined in this channel, individuals have emotional authority. This means that they are best served by waiting out their emotional wave for clarity before making any major decisions.

The emotional wave experienced by those with the 36-35 Channel is one of the collective waves, characterized by high highs and low lows influenced by expectations. Therefore, it is crucial to wait for clarity before entering into any experiences. Additionally, it is advised to approach these experiences with a detachment to the outcomes. This detachment allows individuals to fully immerse themselves in the experience without being overly attached to the results.

Being part of the sensing circuit, which is driven by completion, individuals with the 36-35 Channel may only come to a realization of the lessons and values of their experiences after they have completed and can reflect on the entirety of the journey. This process of reflection and introspection contributes to their emotional depth and maturity over time.

It is important to be aware that with the 36-35 Channel defined, individuals may constantly seek new stimulation and adventures. This can have an impact on their relationships, as their dynamic nature necessitates proper communication. It is crucial for them to express their needs and desires to their partners, ensuring that both parties are on the same page.

Ultimately, individuals with the 36-35 Channel have the potential to contribute stories and lessons from their experiences that serve the Collective. Their diverse range of skills and experiences make them valuable assets in various fields, as they possess a wealth of knowledge and insights. Through their continuous pursuit of new experiences, they are able to constantly grow and evolve, enriching both their own lives and the lives of those around them.


The 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness is a fascinating aspect of Human Design that embodies the essence of a Jack of all Trades. This channel connects the Gate of Crisis (36) with the Gate of Change (35), creating a powerful energy flow that influences individuals who possess it. People with this channel are versatile, adaptable, and have a natural ability to navigate through various situations effortlessly.

Why It Matters

The Channel of Transitoriness holds great significance in the realm of Human Design. It represents the ability to embrace change and transition with ease, making it an essential aspect of personal growth and development. Those who possess this channel often find themselves drawn to diverse experiences and are not afraid to explore different paths in life. This channel encourages individuals to embrace their multifaceted nature and utilize their wide range of skills and talents.



One of the remarkable gifts of the 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness is the innate versatility it bestows upon individuals. Those with this channel possess a natural ability to adapt to various situations and environments effortlessly. They can seamlessly transition from one role to another, making them highly valuable in any setting. This versatility allows them to excel in multiple areas of life, making them true Jacks of all Trades.


Individuals with the 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness have a remarkable capacity for adaptability. They possess a unique talent for embracing change and navigating through transitions smoothly. This gift enables them to thrive in dynamic environments and handle unexpected challenges with grace and ease. Their ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances allows them to seize opportunities that others may find overwhelming.

Broad Perspective

People with this channel have a broad perspective on life. They possess a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of various fields and can see the bigger picture. This gift allows them to integrate knowledge and experiences from different domains, enabling them to approach problems from multiple angles. Their ability to connect seemingly unrelated concepts often leads to innovative solutions and fresh insights.


The 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness bestows individuals with a remarkable sense of resourcefulness. They have a natural talent for finding creative solutions to problems and making the most out of limited resources. Their ability to think outside the box and adapt quickly allows them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals efficiently. This gift makes them valuable assets in any team or project, as they can contribute their diverse skills and knowledge to find effective solutions.

In conclusion, the 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness is a powerful aspect of Human Design that brings forth the qualities of versatility, adaptability, a broad perspective, and resourcefulness. Those who possess this channel have the potential to excel in various areas of life, embracing change and transitions with ease. By harnessing their unique gifts, individuals with this channel can truly become masters of versatility and thrive in a world that demands constant adaptation.