The Juxtaposition Cross of Beginnings


The Juxtaposition Cross of Beginnings is a unique Human Design configuration that embodies the energy of initiation and transformation. It's a powerful cross that is ideal for individuals who are naturally inclined towards project management, as it provides the ability to assess costs, scope, and evaluate potential resources effectively. This cross is applicable to projects of all sizes and complexities, making it a sought-after talent for those who possess it. It is the energy that drives the initiation of projects, the assessment of resources needed, and the transformation required to bring them to fruition successfully.

Key Themes


The Juxtaposition Cross of Beginnings is characterized by a strong initiation energy. This energy is what drives you to start new projects, whether they are personal or professional. It's the spark that ignites the flame of action, pushing you to take the first step and set things in motion.


Another key theme of this cross is transformation. This is not just about change, but about meaningful and purposeful transformation. It's about taking a project from its initial stage and transforming it into something successful and valuable. This transformation energy is what allows you to see the potential in resources and use them to their fullest extent.

Project Management

The energy of this cross is perfect for project management. It gives you the ability to assess the cost and scope of a project, evaluate the potential resources, and determine their added-value. This energy allows you to manage projects of all sizes and complexities, ensuring they are completed successfully.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I best utilize my initiation energy to start new projects?
  2. In what ways can I harness my transformation energy to bring about meaningful change in my projects?
  3. How can I improve my project management skills to better assess costs, scope, and resources?
  4. What steps can I take to ensure that I am using my resources to their fullest potential?


  • I am capable of initiating and managing projects of all sizes.
  • I have the energy and ability to bring about meaningful transformation in my projects.
  • I am skilled at assessing costs, scope, and resources, ensuring the success of my projects.
  • I am a valuable asset to any project team, bringing unique skills and energy.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace your energy: Recognize and embrace your unique energy of initiation and transformation. Use this energy to drive your actions and decisions in project management.
  2. Develop your skills: Continuously work on improving your project management skills. This includes learning how to better assess costs, scope, and resources.
  3. Use your resources wisely: Always evaluate the potential of your resources and use them to their fullest extent. This will ensure the success of your projects.
  4. Seek opportunities: Look for opportunities where you can use your unique energy and skills. This could be in your personal life or professional career.

The Juxtaposition Cross of Beginnings is a powerful tool in your Human Design arsenal. By understanding and harnessing its energy, you can initiate and manage projects successfully, bringing about meaningful transformation in your life and the lives of others.