The Juxtaposition Cross of Completion: A Guide to Understanding and Embracing Your Human Design


The Juxtaposition Cross of Completion is a unique and powerful incarnation cross in the Human Design System. This cross represents the drive and determination to complete tasks and projects, often long after others have given up. It's a testament to your tenacity, resilience, and unwavering commitment to seeing things through to the end.

Individuals with this design often find themselves drawn to research or other activities that require a high level of persistence and dedication. The energy of this cross is not just about completion, but about the journey towards completion, the process of working through challenges and obstacles until the goal is achieved.

However, the challenge for those carrying this cross is to ensure they commit to tasks and projects that can be completed within a reasonable timeframe and have a clear, tangible outcome. This is because the drive to complete can sometimes lead to overcommitment or burnout.

In relationships, particularly marriage, this commitment to completion is especially significant. Those with this design are driven to sustain their relationships, for better or worse, reflecting their innate desire to 'complete' this aspect of their life.

Key Themes

Persistence and Tenacity

The Juxtaposition Cross of Completion is characterized by an unwavering determination to finish what has been started. This tenacity can be a powerful asset in many areas of life, from career to personal projects and relationships.


Those with this cross take their commitments seriously, whether it's a work project, a personal goal, or a relationship. They are not ones to give up easily and will often stick with something long after others have moved on.

Challenge of Overcommitment

The drive to complete can sometimes lead to overcommitment. It's important for those with this cross to ensure they are not taking on more than they can handle and that they are committing to tasks that have a clear and achievable end point.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How does my drive to complete things manifest in my daily life?
  2. Am I committing to tasks and projects that can be realistically completed?
  3. How does my commitment to completion impact my relationships?
  4. Am I taking on too much? How can I ensure I'm not overcommitting myself?
  5. How can I use my tenacity and commitment to my advantage?


  • I am committed and persistent, and I have the power to see things through to the end.
  • I choose to commit to tasks and projects that align with my capabilities and time.
  • I honor my commitments in all areas of my life, including my relationships.
  • I am mindful of my capacity and ensure I do not overcommit myself.
  • I celebrate every completion, recognizing the effort and dedication it took to get there.

Action Steps

  1. Prioritize: Make a list of all your current commitments. Prioritize them based on their importance and your ability to realistically complete them.
  2. Set Clear Goals: For each commitment, set a clear and achievable end goal. This will give you a tangible target to work towards.
  3. Manage Your Time: Ensure you are dedicating an appropriate amount of time to each commitment. Avoid overcommitting yourself.
  4. Celebrate Your Achievements: Each time you complete a task or project, take the time to celebrate. Recognize the effort and dedication it took to reach the end.
  5. Reflect on Your Relationships: Consider how your drive to complete things impacts your relationships. Ensure you are dedicating enough time and energy to maintaining and nurturing these important connections.

Embrace your Juxtaposition Cross of Completion. Your tenacity and commitment are strengths that can lead you to great achievements. Remember to balance your drive to complete with a realistic assessment of your capabilities and time, and you'll be well on your way to a fulfilling and successful life.