The Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty: A Journey of Self-Discovery


The Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty is a unique incarnation cross in Human Design. This cross is characterized by its inherent desire for the "right" things in life, whether it's the perfect house, the ideal plot of land, or the most fitting personal belongings. However, this longing is often accompanied by a persistent uncertainty, a nagging question that asks, "Do I have the right (house, car, land, purse, shoes, etc.)?"

This cross is also marked by the 55th gate, a gate that symbolizes the wave of emotions, oscillating between joy and sadness, happiness and melancholy. This emotional swing is a constant feature of this cross, a rhythm that those with the Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty must learn to understand and embrace.

Key Themes

The Desire for the Right Things

One of the key themes of the Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty is the constant desire for the right things. This longing is not merely about material possessions but also about finding the right place in the world, the right relationships, and the right path in life.

The Uncertainty

The second key theme is the uncertainty that accompanies this desire. This uncertainty is not a sign of weakness or indecisiveness. Instead, it is a reflection of the deep introspection and careful consideration that those with this cross put into their choices.

The Emotional Swing

The third key theme is the emotional swing represented by the 55th gate. This swing from joy to sadness and back again is a fundamental part of the experience of this cross. It is through understanding and accepting this emotional rhythm that those with this cross can find true happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are the "right" things that you desire in your life?
  2. How does the uncertainty manifest in your life? How do you cope with it?
  3. How do you experience the emotional swing from joy to sadness? How do you navigate this emotional rhythm?


  • I embrace my desire for the right things in life, knowing that it leads me to make thoughtful choices.
  • I acknowledge my uncertainty, understanding that it is a part of my introspective nature.
  • I accept my emotional swing, knowing that the sadness will always give way to joy.

Action Steps

  1. Acknowledge Your Desires: Recognize your longing for the right things in life. Understand that this desire is a part of who you are and that it can guide you towards thoughtful and meaningful choices.
  2. Embrace Your Uncertainty: Instead of fighting against your uncertainty, embrace it. Use it as a tool for introspection and self-discovery.
  3. Understand Your Emotional Swing: Learn to navigate your emotional rhythm. Understand that the swing from sadness to joy is a natural part of your experience. When you're feeling melancholy, remind yourself that joy is on its way.
  4. Practice Mindfulness: Cultivate a mindfulness practice to help you stay present with your emotions. This can help you navigate the emotional swing with more ease and grace.
  5. Seek Support: Don't hesitate to seek support when you need it. Whether it's from a trusted friend, family member, or a professional, having someone to talk to can be incredibly helpful in navigating the journey of the Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty.