The Left Angle Cross of the Alpha: Embracing Leadership Through Human Design


The Left Angle Cross of the Alpha is a unique incarnation cross in Human Design that embodies the essence of leadership. Individuals born under this cross are gifted with the alpha energy, a powerful force that naturally positions them as leaders. This leadership is not merely about authority, but about ensuring the survival and safety of the group they lead.

These individuals are blessed with mental agility, allowing them to plan effectively and make decisions that benefit the group. Their presence alone can instill a sense of safety and security, alleviating fears and uncertainties. Whether they assume the role of a general or a patriarch, their leadership style is inherently focused on the welfare of the group. However, it's crucial for them to align their leadership approach with their Human Design type and strategy to maximize their effectiveness and strength as leaders.

Key Themes


The Left Angle Cross of the Alpha is all about leadership. This cross represents individuals who are natural-born leaders, capable of guiding and protecting their group. Their leadership style is characterized by a strong sense of responsibility, ensuring the group's survival and safety.

Alpha Energy

Alpha energy is a dominant theme in this cross. This energy is what propels these individuals to take charge and lead. It's a powerful force that not only positions them as leaders but also ensures they have the mental agility and presence to fulfill their roles effectively.

Safety and Survival

Safety and survival are fundamental aspects of this cross. The leaders born under this cross are deeply committed to ensuring the safety and survival of their group. They strive to alleviate fear and uncertainty, providing a sense of security and stability.

Human Design Type and Strategy

Aligning with their Human Design type and strategy is crucial for these individuals. This alignment ensures they can maximize their leadership potential and strength, leading in a way that is true to their nature and design.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do you perceive your role as a leader?
  2. How do you utilize your alpha energy in your leadership style?
  3. How do you ensure the safety and survival of your group?
  4. How does your leadership style align with your Human Design type and strategy?


  • I am a natural-born leader, and I embrace my alpha energy.
  • I am committed to ensuring the safety and survival of my group.
  • I lead with mental agility and a strong presence.
  • I align my leadership style with my Human Design type and strategy.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Your Leadership: Acknowledge your natural leadership abilities and embrace your role as a leader.
  2. Harness Your Alpha Energy: Utilize your alpha energy to guide and protect your group.
  3. Prioritize Safety and Survival: Make decisions that ensure the safety and survival of your group.
  4. Align with Your Human Design: Understand your Human Design type and strategy and align your leadership style accordingly.

The Left Angle Cross of the Alpha is a powerful incarnation cross that embodies leadership, alpha energy, safety, and survival. By embracing these key themes and aligning with their Human Design, individuals born under this cross can lead effectively and authentically.