The Left Angle Cross of Obscuration: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Understanding


The Left Angle Cross of Obscuration is a unique incarnation cross in Human Design that is centered on the exploration of patterns, the asking of questions, and the pursuit of deeper understanding. It is a journey of discovery, where the individual is driven by a need to logically comprehend the world around them and their place within it.

This cross is about questioning the status quo, challenging assumptions, and seeking clarity amidst the obscurity. It is about the relentless pursuit of truth and understanding, driven by a deep-seated curiosity and a desire to make sense of the world. It is about the courage to ask difficult questions and the tenacity to find the answers.

Key Themes

Questioning and Exploration

The primary theme of the Left Angle Cross of Obscuration is the act of questioning. Individuals with this cross are naturally curious and are driven to ask questions that others may not think to ask. They are not satisfied with surface-level answers and will dig deeper to uncover the truth.

Pattern Recognition

Another key theme is the recognition and examination of patterns. These individuals have a keen eye for detail and can easily spot patterns and trends. They use this ability to make sense of complex situations and to predict future outcomes.

Seeking Understanding

The final theme is the pursuit of understanding. Individuals with this cross are not content with simply knowing facts; they want to understand the why and how. They are driven to uncover the underlying logic and reasoning behind events and situations.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What questions am I currently seeking answers to?
  2. How can I use my ability to recognize patterns to better understand my current situation?
  3. What steps can I take to deepen my understanding of the world around me?
  4. How can I use my natural curiosity to drive my personal and professional growth?


  • I am a seeker of truth and understanding.
  • I am not afraid to ask difficult questions.
  • I use my ability to recognize patterns to make sense of the world.
  • I am driven by a desire to understand, not just to know.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Your Curiosity: Allow yourself to ask questions, no matter how trivial or complex they may seem. Your curiosity is a powerful tool for learning and growth.
  2. Analyze Patterns: Use your ability to spot patterns to your advantage. Whether it's in your personal life or professional career, recognizing patterns can help you make informed decisions and predict future outcomes.
  3. Seek Understanding: Don't settle for surface-level answers. Dig deeper and strive to understand the underlying logic behind situations and events.
  4. Apply Your Knowledge: Use the knowledge and understanding you gain to make positive changes in your life. Whether it's improving your relationships, advancing your career, or simply gaining a better understanding of yourself, use your unique abilities to create a life that truly reflects who you are.

In conclusion, the Left Angle Cross of Obscuration is a journey of self-discovery and understanding. It is about questioning, exploring, and seeking a deeper understanding of the world. Embrace this journey, for it is through questioning that we find answers, through exploration that we discover new paths, and through understanding that we truly come to know ourselves.