The Left Angle Cross of Spirit 2: A Journey Towards Intimacy and Romance


The Left Angle Cross of Spirit 2 is a unique incarnation cross that is centered around the exploration of intimacy and romance in relationships. This cross represents a spectrum of motivations, ranging from the physical allure of sexual attraction to the emotional depth of a heartfelt romance, much like the one depicted in the movie 'Sleepless in Seattle'. The energy of this cross is driven by the desire to understand and highlight the pleasure and pain that relationships bring into our lives. Given the human propensity for relationships, there are countless ways in which you can embody and express the energy of your Cross.

Key Themes

Intimacy and Romance

The primary theme of the Left Angle Cross of Spirit 2 is intimacy and romance. This theme is not limited to just romantic relationships but extends to all forms of relationships where there is a deep emotional connection. The energy of this cross encourages you to explore the depths of these connections, to understand the dynamics of intimacy, and to appreciate the beauty of romance.

Pleasure and Pain

Another key theme of this cross is the dichotomy of pleasure and pain in relationships. Relationships can bring immense joy and satisfaction, but they can also bring pain and heartbreak. The energy of this cross pushes you to confront both these aspects, to understand their role in shaping your relationships, and to learn from these experiences.

Focus on Relationships

The Left Angle Cross of Spirit 2 is inherently focused on relationships. This focus is not just about being in a relationship but understanding the nuances of relationships, the dynamics that govern them, and the emotions that drive them. This focus can lead you down many paths, each offering a unique perspective and experience of relationships.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do you perceive intimacy and romance in your relationships?
  2. How have experiences of pleasure and pain shaped your understanding of relationships?
  3. How do you navigate the dynamics of your relationships?
  4. What paths have you taken in your exploration of relationships?
  5. How does the energy of your Cross manifest in your life?


  • I embrace the energy of my Cross, exploring intimacy and romance in my relationships.
  • I acknowledge the pleasure and pain in my relationships, learning from each experience.
  • I focus on understanding the dynamics of my relationships, appreciating their complexity and beauty.
  • I am open to exploring different paths in my journey of relationships, each offering unique insights and experiences.
  • I allow the energy of my Cross to guide me, shaping my understanding and experience of relationships.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Intimacy and Romance: Allow yourself to explore the depths of intimacy and the beauty of romance in your relationships. Don't shy away from these experiences but embrace them wholeheartedly.
  2. Acknowledge Pleasure and Pain: Don't ignore the pain in your relationships. Acknowledge it, understand it, and learn from it. Similarly, embrace the pleasure, appreciate it, and let it enrich your relationships.
  3. Understand Relationship Dynamics: Spend time understanding the dynamics of your relationships. Observe the interactions, the emotions, and the underlying motivations. This understanding will help you navigate your relationships better.
  4. Explore Different Paths: Don't limit yourself to a single perspective or experience of relationships. Explore different paths, each offering a unique perspective and experience.
  5. Let Your Cross Guide You: The energy of your Cross is a powerful guide. Let it guide you in your exploration of relationships, shaping your understanding and experiences.