The Left Angle Cross of Dedication

Spoken Edition | 37:29 mins

The Left Angle Cross of Dedication: A Journey of Repetition and Clarity


The Left Angle Cross of Dedication is a unique incarnation cross that embodies the essence of repetition and clarity. It is a cross that is driven by the need to explain, to teach, and to bring understanding to others. This cross is particularly suited for teaching, as it thrives on the opportunity to repeat the same message over and over again, refining and clarifying it with each retelling. The dedication to explanation is the gift that individuals with this cross bring to their lifetime.

Key Themes


The Left Angle Cross of Dedication thrives on repetition. This is not simply a matter of saying the same thing over and over again, but rather a process of refining and clarifying a message with each retelling. This repetition is not a flaw, but a strength, allowing for a deep understanding and mastery of the subject matter.


Clarity is another key theme for this cross. Through repetition, the message becomes clearer and more understandable. This clarity is not only beneficial for the teacher, but also for the students, as they are able to grasp the concepts more easily.


Dedication is at the heart of this cross. It is the driving force that allows for the repetition and clarity to occur. This dedication is not only to the subject matter, but also to the students, showing a commitment to their understanding and learning.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I utilize my natural inclination for repetition to enhance my teaching skills?
  2. In what ways can I improve the clarity of my message?
  3. How can I demonstrate my dedication to my students' understanding and learning?
  4. How can I use my gift of explanation to benefit others in my life?


  • I embrace my natural inclination for repetition as a strength in my teaching.
  • I strive for clarity in my message and seek to improve it with each retelling.
  • I am dedicated to my students' understanding and learning.
  • I use my gift of explanation to bring understanding and clarity to others.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Repetition: Recognize your natural inclination for repetition and use it to your advantage in your teaching. This could mean repeating key concepts in different ways or revisiting important topics in subsequent lessons.
  2. Strive for Clarity: Work on improving the clarity of your message. This could involve using simpler language, providing examples, or using visual aids.
  3. Show Dedication: Demonstrate your dedication to your students' understanding and learning. This could mean spending extra time with students who are struggling, providing additional resources, or simply showing enthusiasm for the subject matter.
  4. Use Your Gift: Use your gift of explanation to benefit others. This could mean teaching a class, tutoring a student, or even explaining a complex concept to a friend or colleague.

The Left Angle Cross of Dedication is a powerful tool for teaching and explanation. By embracing the key themes of repetition, clarity, and dedication, you can use this cross to bring understanding and clarity to others.

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