The Left Angle Cross of Duality: Embracing Change and Individuality


The Left Angle Cross of Duality is a unique incarnation cross in Human Design that symbolizes the mutative force within a tribe or community. Individuals born under this cross carry a potent, industrious energy that drives them to accomplish tasks and introduce new ideas. They are the catalysts for change, the ones who challenge the status quo and bring forth innovative concepts that may potentially revolutionize the way their community operates.

However, the path of these individuals is not always smooth. They often find themselves in a delicate dance between maintaining their individuality and seeking acceptance from their community. This dance is a crucial part of their journey, as it shapes their approach to change and their relationship with their community.

Key Themes

Industrious Energy

Those with the Left Angle Cross of Duality are endowed with an industrious energy that propels them to get things done. They are often seen as the workhorses of their community, always striving to accomplish tasks and achieve their goals.

Mutative Force

These individuals are the agents of change within their community. They are not afraid to challenge existing norms and introduce new ideas. Their unique perspective often leads to innovative solutions that can greatly benefit their community.

The Dance of Acceptance

Despite their potential to bring about positive change, those with the Left Angle Cross of Duality often face resistance from their community. They may choose to keep their ideas to themselves, or their community may reject their new ways. This dance of acceptance is a recurring theme in their lives, shaping their experiences and their approach to change.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do you balance your individuality with the desire for acceptance from your community?
  2. How do you handle rejection when your ideas are not accepted by your community?
  3. How can you use your industrious energy to benefit your community?
  4. How can you navigate the dance of acceptance more effectively?


  • I am a powerful force of change within my community.
  • I embrace my individuality and the unique perspective it brings.
  • I am not deterred by rejection, but see it as an opportunity for growth.
  • I use my industrious energy to bring about positive change in my community.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Your Individuality: Recognize the value of your unique perspective and don't be afraid to share your ideas with your community.
  2. Stay Resilient: Understand that not all your ideas will be accepted by your community. Stay resilient and don't let rejection discourage you from continuing to introduce new ideas.
  3. Use Your Energy Wisely: Utilize your industrious energy to benefit your community. Look for ways to apply your energy towards tasks that will bring about positive change.
  4. Navigate the Dance of Acceptance: Learn to navigate the dance of acceptance more effectively. Understand that it's okay to keep some ideas to yourself, and it's also okay if your community doesn't always see the value in your new ways.