The Left Angle Cross of Identification


The Left Angle Cross of Identification is a unique Human Design that embodies the power to attract and engage people towards a specific cause or belief. This design is characterized by a potent combination of logic, charisma, and enthusiasm, which acts as a magnet, drawing people in and making them identify with the cause you are championing. Whether you are fundraising for a charity, selling real estate, or promoting a book, the Left Angle Cross of Identification equips you with the ability to get people to identify with the picture you are painting. Essentially, your purpose is to gather individuals who resonate with your beliefs and convictions.

Key Themes


At the core of the Left Angle Cross of Identification lies the foundation of logic. This means that your arguments and propositions are based on sound reasoning and rational thinking. Your ability to present logical and coherent ideas makes it easier for people to understand and identify with your cause.


Alongside logic, the Left Angle Cross of Identification is characterized by charisma. Your charm and magnetic personality are key in attracting people to your cause. Your charisma can inspire and motivate others, making them feel connected and invested in your mission.


Enthusiasm is another crucial theme in the Left Angle Cross of Identification. Your passion and excitement for your cause are infectious, inspiring others to share in your enthusiasm. This energy can be a powerful tool in getting others to identify and engage with your cause.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How am I using my logical thinking to present my cause effectively?
  2. How can I leverage my charisma to attract more people to my cause?
  3. Am I effectively communicating my enthusiasm for my cause to others?
  4. How can I improve in gathering individuals who resonate with my beliefs and convictions?
  5. What strategies can I employ to make people feel more connected and invested in my mission?


  • I am a beacon of logic, charisma, and enthusiasm.
  • I attract people who resonate with my cause and beliefs.
  • My passion for my cause is infectious and inspires others.
  • I am effective in making people identify with and invest in my mission.
  • I am constantly improving in gathering individuals who resonate with my convictions.

Action Steps

  1. Leverage your logic: Use your logical thinking to create compelling arguments for your cause. Make sure your ideas are clear, coherent, and easy to understand.
  2. Showcase your charisma: Use your charm and personality to attract people to your cause. Be authentic and genuine in your interactions.
  3. Express your enthusiasm: Show your passion and excitement for your cause. Let your enthusiasm be infectious and inspire others.
  4. Gather like-minded individuals: Seek out individuals who share your beliefs and convictions. Create a community where these individuals can come together and support your cause.
  5. Make people feel invested: Make sure people feel connected and invested in your mission. Show them the impact of their support and how it contributes to achieving the goals of your cause.