The Left Angle Cross of Healing: A Journey Towards Health and Wholeness


The Left Angle Cross of Healing is a unique incarnation cross in the Human Design system. It carries a profound energy that is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and the joy of living a healthy life. This cross is not just about physical health, but also about emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The individuals who carry this cross are often drawn towards professions and roles that allow them to communicate the importance of health and its intrinsic value in leading a fulfilling life. They are the healers, the health advocates, the wellness coaches, and the therapists who inspire and guide others towards a healthier lifestyle.

However, the journey of these individuals is not always smooth. They may experience periods of illness or health challenges themselves. But these experiences are not in vain. They serve as a catalyst for their mission, allowing them to understand the importance of health on a deeper level and enabling them to communicate its value more effectively.

Key Themes

Health as a Priority

The primary theme of the Left Angle Cross of Healing is the emphasis on health. It's about realizing that all the material possessions in the world, all the love and relationships, all the success and achievements, lose their meaning if one does not have good health to enjoy them.

The Healer's Journey

Those with this cross often have a personal journey of healing. They may experience health challenges that lead them to seek solutions and healing methods. This journey equips them with the knowledge and empathy to guide others on their healing paths.

Communicating the Value of Health

The individuals with this cross have a gift for communication. They can articulate the importance of health and wellness in a way that resonates with others, inspiring them to prioritize their health.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I view health in my life? Is it a priority, or do I often neglect it in favor of other things?
  2. What experiences have I had that have shaped my understanding of health and healing?
  3. How can I use my experiences and understanding to communicate the importance of health to others?
  4. What steps can I take to further my knowledge and skills in health and healing?


  • I honor my body and prioritize my health.
  • I am a beacon of healing and wellness.
  • My experiences with health challenges have made me stronger and more compassionate.
  • I communicate the importance of health with clarity and conviction.
  • I inspire others to prioritize their health and well-being.

Action Steps

  1. Prioritize Your Health: Make your health a priority. Invest in nutritious food, regular exercise, and adequate rest. Listen to your body and give it what it needs to thrive.
  2. Embrace Your Journey: If you have health challenges, see them as part of your journey rather than obstacles. Use these experiences to deepen your understanding of health and healing.
  3. Educate Yourself: Learn more about health and wellness. This could be through books, courses, or by seeking advice from health professionals.
  4. Share Your Knowledge: Use your communication skills to share your knowledge and experiences. You could start a blog, give talks, or simply have conversations with friends and family.
  5. Inspire Others: Be a role model for health and wellness. Show others through your actions how to prioritize their health and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The Left Angle Cross of Healing is a powerful force for health and wellness. By embracing your journey, prioritizing your health, and using your communication skills, you can inspire others to do the same and contribute to a healthier, happier world.