The Left Angle Cross of Dominion: A Journey of Power and Authority


The Left Angle Cross of Dominion is a unique incarnation cross in Human Design that embodies a potent energy for stepping in and assuming power or authority. It is a transpersonal drive, meaning it extends beyond the individual's personal experiences and encompasses a broader perspective. This cross is deeply intertwined with the concept of karma, suggesting a spiritual or moral dimension to the actions and decisions made by those who carry this cross.

The irony of the Left Angle Cross of Dominion lies in its potential outcomes. On one hand, the individual's intervention can lead to improvement, bringing about positive change and rectifying unfair situations. On the other hand, the same intervention can potentially exacerbate the situation, leading to negative consequences. This dual potentiality is a defining characteristic of this incarnation cross, making it a complex and fascinating aspect of Human Design.

Key Themes

Power and Authority

Those with the Left Angle Cross of Dominion are naturally inclined to step into roles of power and authority. They are not afraid to take charge and make decisions, often stepping in when they perceive injustice or imbalance. This can be in any context, from personal relationships to professional environments.

Transpersonal Drive

The Left Angle Cross of Dominion is characterized by a transpersonal drive. This means that individuals with this cross are often motivated by concerns that extend beyond their personal experiences. They are driven by a sense of duty or responsibility towards others, often stepping in to protect those who are being taken advantage of.


Karma plays a significant role in the Left Angle Cross of Dominion. It suggests that the actions and decisions of these individuals may have spiritual or moral implications. This could be personal karma, related to their own past actions, or it could be broader, related to the collective karma of a group or community.

Potential Outcomes

The Left Angle Cross of Dominion carries a dual potentiality. The intervention of these individuals can lead to positive change, but it can also potentially make situations worse. This underscores the importance of discernment and wisdom in their actions.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I perceive power and authority in my life?
  2. How does my transpersonal drive manifest in my actions and decisions?
  3. How do I understand the concept of karma in relation to my life?
  4. How do I navigate the potential outcomes of my interventions?


  • I am confident in my ability to step into roles of power and authority.
  • I am driven by a sense of duty and responsibility towards others.
  • I understand the spiritual and moral implications of my actions.
  • I am discerning and wise in my interventions, aware of their potential outcomes.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Your Power: Recognize your natural inclination towards power and authority. Don't shy away from it, but embrace it as a part of your unique design.
  2. Cultivate Your Transpersonal Drive: Look beyond your personal experiences and consider how you can serve others. This could be through volunteering, advocacy, or simply standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves.
  3. Reflect on Karma: Spend some time reflecting on the concept of karma. Consider how your past actions may have influenced your present circumstances and how your current actions may impact your future.
  4. Practice Discernment: Before stepping in to intervene in a situation, take a moment to consider the potential outcomes. Practice discerning the best course of action, keeping in mind the dual potentiality of your interventions.