The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 2: A Journey into Individual Expression


The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 2 is a unique incarnation cross in Human Design that symbolizes the power of individual expression and its transformative impact on the collective. It is a cross that is characterized by the ability to introduce new ideas and concepts to society, even if they initially seem strange or bizarre.

As a bearer of this cross, you are endowed with the energy to vocalize your individual expression, to bring forth something new and unique to the collective. This can manifest in various forms, from innovative ideas, unique styles, groundbreaking theories, or even new trends.

However, this individual expression may not always be readily accepted by the collective. It might be perceived as strange, bizarre, or even weird. But, the beauty of this cross lies in its inherent energy to repeat and reinforce its expression. It is through this process of repetition that the collective begins to familiarize themselves with your unique expression, eventually leading to acceptance and even adoption.

An apt illustration of this energy is the emergence of popular fads. Consider how a new trend, be it a fashion style or a technological innovation, initially appears strange. But, as it is repeatedly seen and experienced, it gradually becomes accepted and eventually turns into a widely embraced trend.

Key Themes

Individual Expression

The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 2 is all about individual expression. It's about bringing forth your unique ideas, perspectives, and styles to the collective. It's about daring to be different and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Repetition is a key theme for this cross. It's through repeating your unique expression that the collective begins to understand and accept it. It's about persistence and consistency in expressing your individuality.

Transformation of the Collective

This cross is also about transforming the collective through individual expression. It's about introducing new ideas and trends that can change societal norms and behaviors.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How am I expressing my individuality in my daily life?
  2. What unique ideas or perspectives am I bringing to the collective?
  3. How can I consistently and persistently express my individuality?
  4. How am I contributing to the transformation of the collective through my individual expression?


  • I am unique and my individual expression is valuable.
  • I am not afraid to express my individuality, even if it seems strange to others.
  • I am persistent and consistent in expressing my individuality.
  • I am a catalyst for change, introducing new ideas and trends to the collective.

Action Steps

  1. Embrace Your Individuality: Recognize and embrace your uniqueness. Don't be afraid to express your individuality.
  2. Persist in Your Expression: Even if your individual expression seems strange to others, persist in expressing it. Remember, it's through repetition that the collective begins to understand and accept it.
  3. Contribute to the Collective: Use your unique expression to contribute to the collective. Introduce new ideas and trends that can transform societal norms and behaviors.
  4. Reflect and Adjust: Regularly reflect on your individual expression and its impact on the collective. Adjust your approach if needed to ensure your expression is effectively communicated and understood.

In conclusion, the Right Angle Cross of Explanation 2 is a powerful incarnation cross that symbolizes the transformative power of individual expression. As a bearer of this cross, you have the potential to introduce new ideas and trends to the collective, transforming societal norms and behaviors in the process. Embrace your individuality, persist in your expression, and contribute to the collective transformation.