Generators make up about 37% of the population. They are the builders of the world, with the ability to sustain energy and passion over time. Generators are the life force of the planet. They have a defined Sacral center, giving them sustainable energy and power. They are meant to respond to life, rather than initiate.

Strategy: To Respond

The strategy for Generators is "to respond". They are designed to wait for something in their external world to respond to rather than initiating actions.

Remember: Responding doesn't mean passivity; it is about waiting for the right opportunities to use their sustainable energy effectively.


The authority for Generators is usually Sacral, but they can also have Emotional authority depending on their design. These authorities guide them to make the correct decisions in line with their design.


Generators have the ability to tirelessly work towards what they love. Here are some of their gifts:

  • Sustainable Energy: Generators have a consistent access to life-force energy, which allows them to engage in tasks for a long time.
  • Perseverance: They can follow through tasks and projects until they are completed.
  • Mastery: With their sustainable energy, Generators have the potential to become masters in their chosen field.


While Generators have a significant life force energy, they also face some challenges:

  • Frustration: If they're not doing what they love or if they initiate instead of waiting to respond, Generators can experience frustration.
  • Difficulty Quitting: They may find it hard to quit things that are no longer serving them.
  • Overcommitment: Sometimes Generators can take on more than they can handle, leading to burnout.

In Relationships

In relationships, Generators need to feel fulfilled and satisfied. They thrive in relationships where they have the freedom to respond to what excites them.


Generators are happiest and most fulfilled when they find a career they love and are able to devote their energy to. They excel in roles where they can use their energy sustainably and build mastery over time.

Health and Well-being

Generators maintain their health by using up their energy during the day and resting at night. A regular routine of physical activity and good sleep hygiene is crucial to their well-being.

Living your design

A Generator is offered a new job opportunity that they're not passionate about.

The Generator's strategy is to respond. If they don't feel a sense of excitement or pull towards the job (a gut "uh-huh"), it's probably not right for them. They should wait for opportunities that genuinely light them up.