Manifestors account for approximately 8-9% of the population. They are initiators and have a unique ability to act and initiate independently. They are the only type that can start and act on things spontaneously without waiting for external signals or cues. They are designed to inform others about their decisions before taking action.

Strategy: To Inform

The key strategy for Manifestors is "to inform". They are meant to inform those who will be impacted by their decisions before they take action. By informing others, Manifestors can mitigate resistance and create smoother pathways for their initiatives.

Remember: Informing is not about asking for permission, it's about informing others to avoid encountering resistance.


The authority for Manifestors varies. They can have Emotional, Splenic, or Ego manifested authority. Each of these authorities has its unique way of guiding Manifestors to make correct decisions for themselves.


Manifestors are powerful initiators with the ability to start projects, create new paths, and set things into motion without the need to wait for external cues or signals. Their gifts include:

  • Initiation: Manifestors are naturally good at starting things. They can inspire others with their initiating energy.
  • Independence: Manifestors are self-sufficient and can operate independently.
  • Impact: Their actions tend to have a significant impact on their environment or those around them.


Despite their natural ability to initiate, Manifestors also face some challenges:

  • Resistance: If they don't inform others about their plans, they often encounter resistance.
  • Isolation: Their independent nature may lead to feelings of isolation or disconnection from others.
  • Burnout: As they are not energy types, they can exhaust themselves if they don't manage their energy well.

In Relationships

Manifestors' need for independence can create unique dynamics in relationships. They do well with understanding partners who respect their need for autonomy and are comfortable with their initiating nature.


Manifestors are well-suited to roles that allow for a lot of autonomy and where initiation is valued. They can be great entrepreneurs, leaders, or any role that values independent action.

Health and Well-being

For optimal health, Manifestors need to ensure they balance their active times with sufficient rest to prevent burnout. Regular solitude can be rejuvenating for them.

Living your design

A Manifestor has a great idea for a new project at work.

As a Manifestor, they should inform their colleagues or superiors about the idea before taking action. This way, they mitigate resistance and allow others to understand and support their initiatives.