Projectors make up about 20% of the population. Projectors are guides and need to be formally recognized and invited before they can effectively share their wisdom and insights. They do not have a consistent access to energy but are great at managing and guiding it.

Strategy: To Wait for the Invitation

The strategy for Projectors is "to wait for the invitation". They need to wait for recognition and an invitation from others before sharing their wisdom or taking on big roles in life.

Remember: The invitation is not just about courtesy, it's a necessary recognition of the Projector's skills and wisdom.


Projectors can have various authorities like Splenic, Mental, Ego, or Self-projected, depending on their design. These authorities guide them to make the correct decisions for themselves.


Projectors are naturally wise and intuitive, and they have a unique ability to guide energy. Here are some of their gifts:

  • Understanding of Others: Projectors have an inherent ability to understand others deeply.
  • Guidance: They can guide and manage energy effectively, often knowing the best way to utilize resources.
  • Wisdom: Projectors often have a unique perspective and wisdom to share.


Despite their wisdom, Projectors also face challenges:

  • Bitterness: If they're not recognized or invited, Projectors can experience bitterness.
  • Burnout: As they're not energy beings, Projectors can burn out if they try to keep up with energy types.
  • Non-recognition: They might feel overlooked if their skills and talents are not recognized.

In Relationships

In relationships, Projectors thrive on recognition and deep understanding. They need partners who appreciate their insights and wisdom and who are open to being guided.


Projectors excel in roles where their natural understanding of energy and people can be utilized. They make great managers, consultants, coaches, therapists, or any role that allows them to guide and optimize energy.

Health and Well-being

Projectors need to ensure they balance their work with plenty of rest. Unlike energy types, they need more time to recharge. Understanding and respecting their energy capacity is crucial for their well-being.

Living your design

A Projector sees a better way of completing a task or project in their company.

As a Projector, they should wait until their insights are invited before sharing. Offering advice without an invitation might not be well-received, and they may face resistance.