Reflectors are the rarest type in the Human Design system, making up about 1% of the population. They are like mirrors of the community, reflecting the health and well-being of the world around them.

Strategy: To Wait a Lunar Cycle

Reflectors' strategy is "to wait a lunar cycle". They need to give themselves a full 28-day lunar cycle before making major decisions to gain clarity and perspective.

Remember: This waiting period allows Reflectors to observe and reflect, which leads to greater wisdom and understanding.


Reflectors have no defined authorities. Their authority is lunar and they need a full lunar cycle to make major decisions.


Reflectors have the unique ability to understand the bigger picture through reflection. Their gifts include:

  • Reflection: Reflectors can assess the health of systems, groups, and communities by reflecting their state.
  • Understanding of Others: Through their openness, Reflectors gain a deep understanding of others.
  • Wisdom: By waiting through their lunar cycle, Reflectors often gain a unique wisdom and perspective.


Despite their unique gifts, Reflectors also face challenges:

  • Disappointment: If they don't honor their strategy or if they are in unhealthy environments, Reflectors can experience disappointment.
  • Influence: They can be easily influenced by the energy of others and might struggle to discern their feelings from those of others.
  • Need for Variety: Reflectors often need variety and might feel stuck if they're in static environments.

In Relationships

Reflectors need understanding partners who respect their need for a lunar cycle decision-making process. They thrive in relationships where they are appreciated for their reflective abilities.


Reflectors can excel in roles where their unique ability to reflect the state of things is appreciated. They can be great assessors, counselors, or roles that require a high level of empathy and understanding.

Health and Well-being

Reflectors' health is closely tied to their environment. Healthy environments usually mean healthy Reflectors. They need to ensure they take time for solitude and are aware of the impact of the lunar cycle on their energy.

Living your design

A Reflector is offered a major life-changing opportunity, like a new job or a move to a new city.

Reflectors need to wait a lunar cycle before making big decisions. They should take this time to reflect and gain clarity about whether this opportunity is truly right for them.